Spring 2019 Edition

Category: Orb Weaver Arts Thoughts!

Slowly I am getting comfortable with sharing my soul art, wire art, fiber art, outside of my web page https://orbweaverart.com/and have started to post a few photo's on my Facebook and Instagram business pages. Please take a look and comment. Like and follow me too if you want. I will use the comments to get a point of view of my work. So I thank you in advance for helping me develop both my skills and my confidence. Visit our Facebook Page Click Here or Instagram Page Click Here.

Thoughts of spring. I started wondering how I could embrace the coming of spring. Birds, butterflies, baby chicks, flowers all came to mind. I could create these using wire armature then cover in felt. Since I'm passionate about bending wire I could work on construction and form plus perfect my technique in wet-felt, needle-felt, even combine the two.

'Learning to Crawl' is my latest wire sculpture. It is how I feel right now about creating the art inside me that was dormant for so long. I'm challenging myself to find the courage to reveal my soul art openly on social media. Hope I get better at understanding how to use these platforms. 'Learning to Crawl' isn't finished yet. I believe it needs to have more skin. I believe I need to have more toughened skin. So 'Learning to Crawl' and I really are in sync at the moment. I'll know when 'Learning to Crawl' is complete cause I will feel I am now learning to walk. This sculpture will always remain a moment in time, but I will be moving on. Here's to always moving on by challenging yourself.

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